The Erice Decalogue

Prof. Vito Fragnelli
V. Fragnelli: Indices for Parliaments
V. Fragnelli, S. Ottone and R. Sattanino: A new family of power indices for voting games
M. Chessa and V. Fragnelli: Embedding Classical Indices in the FP Family
V. Fragnelli: The Propensity to Disruption for Evaluating a Parliament
A. Karpov: Measurement of disproportionality in proportional representation systems
M. Chessa and V. Fragnelli: A note on-Measurement of disproportionality in proportional representation systems
V. Fragnelli, G. Monella and G. Ortona: A Simulative Approach for Evaluating Electoral Systems

Prof. Gianfranco Gambarelli
Material in English:
G. Gambarelli and I. Stach: Power Indices in Politics- Some Results and Open Problems
G. Gambarelli: Slides-Gambarelli
G. Gambarelli: Slides2-Gambarelli
Material in Italian:
A. Franchi, G. Gambarelli and A. Uristani: Sistemi elettorali vecchi e nuovi
G. Gambarelli: Indici di potere in politica e in finanza-qualche spunto

Prof. Manfred Holler
M. Holler and H. Nurmi: Aspects of Power Overlooked by Power Indices
M. Holler: EU Decision-making and the Allocation of Responsibility
M. Holler and H. Nurmi: Pathology or Revelation – The Public Good index
M. Holler: Slides-Holler
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Prof. Barbara Klose-Ullmann
B. Klose-Ullmann: n-person bargaining on stagePICTURE

Prof. Claudio Martinelli
C. Martinelli: Alternative Vote System
C. Martinelli: Electoral systems in comparative perspective

Prof. Jacek Mercik
J. Mercik: A priori veto power of the president of Poland
J. Mercik: On a priori evaluation of power of veto
J. Mercik: On Axiomatization of Power Index of Veto
J. Mercik: Veto and what is all about

Prof. Hannu Nurmi
H. Nurmi: Voting Systems for Social Choice
H. Nurmi: On the Relevance of Theoretical Results to Voting System Choice
H. Nurmi: Historical Background of the Theory of Voting
H. Nurmi: Criteria for Assessing Voting and Electoral Systems
H. Nurmi: Voter Input and Proportionality

Prof. Guido Ortona
G. Ortona: An introduction to electoral systems
G. Ortona: Userguide for ALEX4
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